CREWING Service conditions of use.

Welcome to services, owned by "Link 1 Maciej Wedziñski", to be referred further in this document as LINK. To gain access and utilise this site, the user agrees to the following conditions and regulations. LINK reserves the right to change the terms of use of any Services at any time. Users, who access the LINK service, automatically agree to our terms and conditions through the use of this service. LINK reserves its exclusive right make any changes to the Service at any time without prior informing users.

§ 1

The user has the right to publish, within the Service, his personal details exclusively and information concerning the course of his/her professional career. Materials added by the user cannot be contrary to rules of social intercourse, obscene, offensive or be an indirect or direct threat to anybody as well as not violating copyright, registered trademarks or the rights of any third party; must not contain viruses or other harmful or destructive mechanisms; cannot be commercial in nature or contrary to commonly legally binding regulations or laws.

§ 2

The user should personally verify that any materials delivered are in accordance with the aforementioned conditions, Link will not be held responsible for any information posted by the user. If LINK believes that any posting on the site infringe ANY of the above aforementioned conditions and reservations, LINK reserves the right to modify or to remove the offending information.

§ 3

The user who wishes to use our Service is free to choose the method of payment convenient to themselves. The period from the order of a particular service and full activation of the account is dependent on payment verification by LINK. The account will be activated immediately after the payment clears.

§ 4

LINK will not take any responsibility for materials put on the site by the user. The user automatically gives LINK the right to freely copy, publish, distribute, alter, translate as well as any other processes, materials put on the site by the user.

§ 5

The user accepts that LINK does not take any responsibility resulting from the poor or incomplete functioning of technology of encoding the information by the user. The user understands that sending any information through the Internet is also connected with using the Service and the inherent problems therein.

§ 6

LINK takes no responsibility for the content of job offers within our Service, including their quality, accuracy or totality of the contained information therein. LINK cannot also guarantee that the information published by other users is accurate, up to date, with no spelling or factual errors.

§ 7

LINK cannot guarantee the truth, accuracy or completeness of any information or materials put in the Service and is not able to offer any assurances that any information put up by users will perform correctly or be free from viruses.

§ 8

LINK isn't responsible for the effects of any events remaining outside its control (among others, the effects of the breakdown of the server, loss of data, the temporary unavailability of the service, ensuing breakdowns as a result of activity of computer viruses, an incorrect presentation of customer advertisements); any direct, non-direct, special, accidental or complete damage (with damage being the cause of loss of profits or income), delay in operation of the Service or transmission, the breakdown of lines of communication, the non-delivery of messages via email, the lack of ability of using data or equipment and other similar problems appearing due to the result of the exploitation or due to the lack of facility of the Service and its contents, even if LINK was informed of the possibility of the appearance of similar problems.

§ 9

These conditions are subject to Polish law. All disputes coming about as a result the obligations contained in this conditions will be decided by a competent court of general jurisdiction in Poland. All laws not made available in these conditions are reserved.